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Light the wooden wick at the base of the wick (WHERE THE WICK AND THE WAX MEET). allow the flame to flow naturally across the wick. Make sure that the top surface of the wax melts all the way to the edge of the candle before extinguishing the flame — this may take between 2 to 4 hours after lighting. A full pool of melted wax will keep the candle from tunneling, or leaving wax on the sides of the vessel. Your flame height may vary, and may occasionally even appear to self-extinguish. Even a low flame will continue to heat, and the flame height should return shortly. Your lite and bloom candle performs best when kept lit for 3 to 4 hours. YOUR FIRST LITE MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 1 HOUR

It's important to always keep your wooden wick trimmed to around 1/8", which is shorter than you might think. You'll want to knock off any ash from the tip of your wick before relighting, and ensure you have a full melt pool before blowing out your candle.

Keep your burning candle in sight and away from drafts. Always place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface when lit. Keep the candle away from children, pets, materials that can catch fire, and other heat sources. Never move your candle while it is burning or still hot. Only move it once the flame is extinguished and the wax has cooled. Pouring or removing liquid wax from the vessel may cause the wick to extinguish and affect the future burn quality of the candle.

When there is approximately 1/4 inch of wax remaining at the bottom of the vessel, extinguish the wick.


Note: Your vessels can be re-used. Allow the wax to completely cool, scrape out as much as you can, wash with warm soapy water, let dry, and reuse.

Disclaimer: Please use care and precautions when using candles. Burn at your own risk. lite and bloom assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur due to misuse of candles, and candle burning.

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